Monday, March 30, 2009

Some People...

Why is it that some people take pleasure in others' pain? I've experience this first hand over the weekend. I learned that I'm not getting a raise at work. My boss was smiling the whole time while delivering this message to me. I'd like to say a word to my boss...

Boss. You are an asshole. You know that I have 2 children and a wife to support. You gave raises to others who didn't deserve it. I know that I don't kiss your ass. Do I need to kiss your ass? Or should I find a new place to work? Because I know that you won't be able to replace my productivity. You are a self centered, narcissistic shit for brains. You are a stupid, stupid man who cheated his way to the top. You lied on your resume and you commit commission fraud and give personal customer information to friends with other companies. You should be in jail, and you do not deserve your job. Kiss my ass Boss.

Thank you.

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