Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bernie Madoff

This design is one of our newer one's, it's very popular and is getting a lot of hits! It's a ladies design primarily. It'd work good as a kid's tee as well. I decided earlier today, that I would add a little bit of my personality into this blog instead of just pimping my tee's so, here it goes...

I want to talk about Bernie Madoff. This guy was too smart for his own good. Usually ponzi schemes exist in the middle to lower middle class and creep into the lower class because people have wide eyed expectations of being rich by investing money into a pyramid scheme.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with pyramid or ponzi schemes, the basic sales pitch is this: "Put in $100 and when 20 more people invest $100, you'll get $20,000!" A normal person would say that $1000x20 people is $2,000. But the catch is the empty promises of making all this money that really doesn't exist. This is the reason why it's mainly been perpetuated in the "lower" classes.

Bernie Madoff had a good idea, an illegal idea, but a good idea. If rich folks are anything, they're greedy! So, if you tell a rich guy "Hey, give me $2 million and I'll invest it here and there and you'll get a 20-50% return on your investment." Any rich guy'll jump on it. Sure, what's $2 million among friends? Well, when you're Bernie Madoff and you parlay that into billions, that's a pretty sound scheme!

Bernie Madoff had, what most crooks don't ever experience. He had a conscience. Living well, better than well and providing for his family's family's family for generations and generations got to him because of the way he made his money. For that I say, boo! Madoff, if you felt that bad, build schools, donate to underpriveledged kids for their college education. Don't turn yourself in only to give your dough back to the government! We've seen what they can do!

That brings me to another point. This stimulus package...It's bogus. It's not going to stimulate anything but Nancy Pelosi's package. (By package I mean penis) This stimulus is a joke! You want to solve the economical crisis we're experiencing, this is how you do it...

Instead of blowing the money on giving it straight to the banks. Give it to the people. Not just anyone, give it to people who have their homes currently in foreclosure or have received notice of foreclosure. Now, we don't want to cut them a check in their name, so you (the government) should make a payment for their house to their lending bank, at fair market value. Next, you (the government again) tell the bank, "Ok, we've paid off house A, now you own the house. Sell it for whatever you can get for it. Family A is now your tenant and they will live in your house rent free for 3-6 months." So, the banks get fair market value for their property twice. Sounds like a sweet deal to me.

Now, about poor family A who lost their house. First, their credit's not destroyed. Second, they live in a house rent free for 3-6 months. Should be plenty of time to a. find a job (if they're jobless, which most of them are not) and b. find a rental.

To me, it's a win-win-win. Yeah, the homeowner still loses their house, but they gain repairable credit, respect for not having a foreclosure on their credit and a huge head start on a second chance. The bank, well they win because they'll get close to, if not more than what they loaned for the property in the first place (after the sale of the property). The government wins because they're killing 2 birds with one stone (or buckshot, whichever you prefer). They're saving the American people from the foreclosure crisis and they're saving the banks from their irresponsible lending crisis. Foreclosed families will have more money to spend, banks will have more money to lend to responsible borrowers...

I think there's a law stating that banks can't directly own property. That's the only flaw I see. I think that can be avoided by changing one word. And that's from "own" to "purchase". During these times, banks should own the property, they're not going out and purchasing new land. But the government is saying "Here, you own this now. You have to sell it, you can't take rent on it." This gives the bank a reason to sell..

Makes sense to me.

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