Monday, June 1, 2009

You know who I can't stand at the moment? Punk ass kids who are graduating high school this year! Is it me, or is the general intelligence of our youth slowly deteriorating? Maybe it's all the myspace'ing.. and facebooking.. now twittering we're going.. I don't know. Seems like kids don't know how to interact with people face to face these days! I asked a teenager a question today, a very basic question. "How much would you like to put on the account?" He mumbled at me for about 2 solid minutes and none of his mumble was a number! I asked for a dollar amount! Not a mumbo jumbo story that your own mother didn't understand!

Thing is, he was looking at me with half open eyes. (Or half shut depending on the way you view life) I think he was impersonating a rapper. Here's a hint for young adults; YOU CAN'T TALK LIKE THAT UNLESS YOU MAKE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS! If you do, you will be homeless by the time you're 25! What's sad is that high schools (and colleges) are passing these kids through the system!

If you can't speak halfway intelligently, you don't deserve a diploma!

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