Monday, March 9, 2009

A Design With A Story

So, we came up with this design over the weekend and it comes with a story, the first one here on T-Shirt Daily...

So, I work for a retail store. I was coming into work at the same time as a co-worker, Roz. She's got a few years on me but she's an awesome person and we joke around a lot. A LOT! So anywho, we were told to start wearing shirts and ties at work and the ladies need to wear business professional clothing.

The first day with the new clothes, Roz says "Jim, you look nice. But you're missing something in the back." I thought my shirt came untucked or something. So, I check myself and she blurts out "Your butt!" Yes, I have no ass. In fact, my ass is almost concave.

So, I told her to stop staring at my ass and, the design is born! I also told her that I had so much missing in the back because I have so much in the front, but that's for another session...

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